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Home ownership is quite the responsibility, but owning your property also gives you the power to determine how it looks for the forseeable future. For as long as that property is yours, you're in charge of every aspect of it, from top to bottom! Renovating, whether your kitchen, patio, or any other area of your house, can make your personal spaces feel more like home, as well as send the monetary value of the property skyrocketing.

Home Improvement Simplified is your guide to renovating your home through do it yourself projects, or, if it suits you, the use of a contractor! We'll take you through what you should be mindful of when hiring a professional, give you the tools you need to be an effective DIY project planner, and put you on the path to achieving your goals, no matter what your renovation project may be. We've got tons of ideas on how you can make your home even more wonderful, from floor refinishing and installation, to appliance updating, correcting wood damage, and lots, lots more!

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